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Mark Whitehouse is an independent consultant specializing in civil society and media development, organizational strategy, and communications. He has worked for a variety of US and international organizations on sustainability plans for media organizations, donor media and civil society assessments, proposal design and writing, monitoring and evaluation plans, guiding start-up NGOs, and writing policy papers. He has worked on USAID, State Department, foundation, and European-funded projects, and written and spoken extensively on media development topics.


Whitehouse serves as the President of the Board of Directors of IREX Europe and serves on the boards of American Friends of the Media Legal Defence Initiative and Journalism for Change. He led IREX's civil society and media division, with an annual portfolio of $25 million in public and private donor projects. He led the team that developed the Media Sustainability Index, managed the creation of IREX's internal monitoring and evaluation handbook and staff training, and expanded the organization's media portfolio from a regional to a global focus. He has written and spoken extensively on media development issues throughout his 25 years in media and civil society worked.


Whitehouse previously worked for the Director of the Carter Center’s Commission on Radio and Television Policy, served on the Steering Committee of the Global Forum for Media Development, the board of the Broadcast Training Center-Sofia, and was Administrator of USSR Programs at ACTR/ACCELS.