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Winter 2016 Newsletter

November 30, 2016

It has been a busy period for International Media Development Advisers (IMDA), and we wanted to briefly update you on some of the excellent work undertaken in support of free media by our members. IMDA launched earlier this year as a platform for a small group of highly experienced media development consultants and trainers to offer their services and insights to implementers, public and private donors, and multilateral organizations. 


Since our launch, our members have been active in supporting media development projects, conducting donor assessments, developing media strategies, analyzing media projects, providing training and consulting to media houses, and supporting proposal and project development for media development implementers. Highlights from our members include:

  • Provided in-depth one-on-one consultancies to Somali media houses that resulted in revenue growth and business diversification.

  • Assisted a major global media development organization in revising their global strategy to reflect new trends in media and donor funding.

  • Developed a sustainability strategy for a leading Middle Eastern exiled media outlet.

  • Assisted bi-lateral and multilateral donors on strategies for promoting the safety of journalists.

  • Wrote successful donor proposals for an alternative media approach to human rights reporting and promotion of journalists' rights.

  • Planned and facilitated a conference on research and learning needs in the media development sector, drawing on the experiences of researchers, academics, and media development and M&E professionals.

  • Advised ethnic/border legacy media houses in Myanmar on revenue strategies, including leveraging mobile distribution and monetizing online content.

  • Conducted donor assessment of a leading international investigative journalism network.

  • Worked with independent news media in the post-Soviet space to create online audience development strategies and gain visibility for their non-Kremlin viewpoints.

  • Assessed and analyzed a digital media project in Africa for its funders.

  • Briefed Open Government Partnership member states on their access to information obligations under the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

If you would like to learn more about IMDA or contract directly with our members for their services, please explore our website.  Our members offer their services to public and private donors, media development implementers, and democracy and governance organizations. We work either as individual consultants, or we can develop teams to tackle your training, assessment, consulting, or other needs. We have worked with major US and European donors, leading foundations, and multilateral organizations. 


If you have any questions about IMDA, please contact us at

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