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Our network is composed of talented individuals with diverse expertise.


​International Media Development Advisers (IMDA) is a consortium of independent specialists with proven experience in many aspects of media development and a shared commitment to supporting independent professional news media in all regions of the world.

IMDA’s team of experts have managed print, broadcast and digital media projects across a wide range of countries and focus areas, from journalism training and business planning to legal reforms and innovative public information initiatives. IMDA specialists work both as individual consultants and in partnerships with IMDA colleagues.

IMDA partners offer their services to public and private donors, media development implementers, and democracy and governance organizations. We work as individual consultants, but we can also develop teams to work jointly on training programs, assessment reports, and other media development consulting projects.  IMDA partners have collaborated with the leading bilateral donor agencies, private philanthropic foundations, and multilateral aid organizations in providing advisory and managerial support for media development projects in all regions of the world.


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IMDA membership is extended to individuals through member nomination followed by a review process. Professionals interested in membership should send an email with resume to:

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