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International Media Development Advisers (IMDA) has two purposes.


The FIRST is to market the experience of its members; share knowledge and referrals; create benchmarks of best practices; expand partnerships; and develop an esprit de corps among the field’s leading experts.


The SECOND is to highlight collaborative teams of professionals with diverse skills who can collaborate on projects. Donors and implementers can view the group’s members and specialties, and members also have a secure site in which to share information, news, ideas and experiences.


IMDA supports freedom of the media and good governance around the world by fostering the development of strong, sustainable, pluralistic, professional and independent news media.


It provides a trusted source of referrals for the often complicated and sensitive programs supporting media development.  IMDA makes expert media consultants and their skills visible to development partners and thus supports a high level of professionalism and consistency within the field. It strengthens members’ ability to deliver results-oriented guidance to partners by creating peer networks and opportunities to share knowledge. 



IMDA is a trusted source of experts, who have extensive media development knowledge and experience for donors and implementers.


IMDA is a trusted source of experts with extensive media development knowledge and experience for donors and implementers.


IMDA members are top-level professionals, who each have made significant contributions to the fields of media and media development.


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